Bass Strait Island Mini – Hubs 2013

//Bass Strait Island Mini – Hubs 2013
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Project Description

Bass Strait Islands Mini – Hubs 2013

JMG were commissioned by the Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPAC) to prepare a strategic site analysis report to guide the future location of new government facilities on King and Flinders Islands.

The Mini-Hubs Project aims to investigate and if feasible, implement, integrated government services on the remote islands to improve service delivery to residents. This follows the successful implementation of integrated service delivery models in Huonville, Queenstown and Bridgewater.

Key advantages of an integrated service delivery model include:

  • Improved efficiency through resource sharing;
  • Improved public access to government services;
  • Supporting the development of local solutions through community engagement;
  • Increased scope to target services to and programs to meet local needs;
  • Assisting staff retention and opportunities for crosstraining.

To inform their investigations, DPAC required a strategic site analysis report to scope out potential sites, identify site opportunities and limitations and recommend preferred sites.

JMG’s investigations considered a range of factors such as:

  • Planning Scheme requirements;
  • Location within township and proximity to existing community services and commercial uses;
  • Visibility of the site within the surrounding area;
  • Potential for land use conflict with surrounding properties;
  • Site area, dimensions, slope and available infrastructure;
  • Existing building condition and the potential for redevelopment of existing assets;
  • Land ownership issues.

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