Project Description

Client: Prudentia Investments P/L
Year: 2004-2008

Since 2004 JMG have been working on Cambridge Park. JMG provided civil design services for the subdivision and building developments, hydraulic design for the Harvey Norman Centre, and all engineering disciplines for the Hydro Tasmania Consulting office.

The Harvey Norman Centre comprises 39,000 m2 of retail space over five separate buildings most of which are split into multiple separate tenancies. Construction activity has been underway on site since October 2006. Most stores are expected to open just prior to Easter in March 2008. The Harvey Norman store comprises the large showroom which is typical of their Hobart store, combined with a very large warehouse. The retail complex will feature a number of bulky goods retailers together with food outlets.

The overall subdivision comprises the Harvey Norman Centre and the Hydro Tasmania Consulting office building, as well as a number of other lots developed as a commercial area. The stormwater management for the overall development involves inlet pit filters together with the major stormwater pond adjacent to the Harvey Norman Warehouse and the K&D Trade Centre and the minor more formalised stormwater pond at the HTC building. The combination of these two ponds has been provided to limit the effect of the development of the area on both the quantity (flow rate) and quality compared to the predevelopment conditions.