Project Description

Four Mile Creek

Environmental Management Plan, 2010

JMG were engaged to prepare an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for the construction of a house on a coastal allotment.  The EMP was prepared for consideration in the Break O’Day Council development approval process as well as to directly guide management of works proposed to be undertaken on the site.

Planning for the development has been complex due to challenges associated with the development’s location adjacent to a coastal reserve and dunes, other environmental and cultural values as well as a range of community concerns.

The EMP incorporated the findings of specialist assessments of flora and fauna, cultural heritage and geotechnical considerations.  Management measures were designed to protect values and minimise impacts in the pre-construction and construction phases of works, as well as during the ongoing use of the site.

Key Issues

Flora & Fauna

The development footprint was moved to avoid a threatened vegetation community and a listed flora species.  Habitat for threatened fauna was also identified in site.  The EMP included management measures to ensure that construction would not impact on these areas.

Cultural Heritage

The lot contains several sites of Aboriginal heritage significance.  The development footprint was designed to avoid the sites.   Management measures included closing an old access track to establishment of buffer zones.

Soil & Water

The site is located on sandy soils adjacent to dunes, which are susceptible to wing and water erosion.  Soil and water management has been designed to minimise erosion, sedimentation and dust.

Visual & Geotechnical Considerations

The house was designed with a low-lying profile to minimise visual impact and as undulating sod roof to blend in with the surrounding environment.

Parts of the dwelling will be below ground level and as such, engineering measures have been required to manage soil stability and groundwater.

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