Project Description

Client: Kalis Properties Pty Ltd
Year: 2014-2016

On the afternoon of 22 September 2007, a fire broke out in the Myer store in the centre of the Hobart CBD, which eventually destroyed the complete Liverpool Street section of the building and, at one stage, threatened the rest of the CBD. JMG was called in during the fire to assess the structural stability of building elements ensuring the overall safety of fire crews.
Our role as structural advisor to Tasmanian Fire Service continued until an acceptable level of public safety was restored. All affected properties were assessed for structural damage and JMG oversaw the demolition of the Myer building.

The much anticipated Myer project will provide the expansion of a revitalised retail district in Hobart CBD housed across Liverpool and Murray Streets. The $100 million project will occur as a staged development under an accelerated timeline. Stage 1 will see the construction of the Liverpool Street building housing Myer and specialty retail stores, due for completion in time for the Christmas season in 2015.
JMG designed all building services including mechanical, electrical, fire, hydraulics, lifts, site infrastructure and base building services. We also worked with Myer to coordinate the services fit out.
Stage 2 will redevelop the existing Murray Street store, integrating the two new buildings with the Cat and Fiddle Arcade creating a cohesive thriving shopping centre. The final stage of the project is a proposed hotel to sit atop the Liverpool Street store including 5 levels of rooms, conference facilities, and a sky bar adorning the top level. The Fletcher Jones building will be retained as the entrance to the hotel.
Myer is now open with works ongoing. The hotel continues to be developed and the Murrary Street Store is currently being cleared. The Murray Street fa├žade will be retained with the balnce redeveloped to a modern standard revitalising the retail district of the Hobart CBD.