Project Description

Longford to Cressy Water Supply Pipeline, 2010

JMG were engaged to provide environmental services for part of the Longford to Cressy Water Supply Pipeline development in Northern Tasmania.  A water main pipeline was to be constructed in an area of Crown Land near Cressy, adjacent to the Macquarie River.

The Cressy community previously had a water supply of inconsistent quality, particularly during floods and after heavy rain.  The new pipeline will supply Cressy with fully treated water by late 2010.

Project-specific environmental risk identification was required, along with analysis and development of environmental management measures for the proposed work, to meet requirements of Crown Land Services.

The project involved two parts:

  • Preparation of a detailed Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for the developer, Ben Lomond Water;
  • Preparation of a Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) for the construction contractor, Paul Zanetto Pty Ltd.

Key Issues

Cultural Heritage

JMG engaged an archaeologist and Aboriginal Heritage Officer to survey the route and to consult with Aboriginal community representatives.  One artefact was identified during investigations and JMG’s management plans included measures to ensure there would be no impact on the site.

The pipeline route also passes through the historic Richmond Hill Estate.  Historic sites dating from the 1800s were identified adjacent to the route – the remains of a sandstone house and also a stone-lined channel.  The EMP and CEMP included measures to avoid both of these sites.

Soil & Water

Because the pipeline route is located adjacent to the Macquarie River, the EMP included measures to prevent erosion and sediment input into the river as a result of construction activities.

Weed Management

Several environmental weed species were identified on the site.  Pre and post-construction mitigation measures were recommended to prevent the spread of these species.

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