Project Description

Air conditioning systems in the Pharos wing have been designed to facilitate ASHRAE AA Class of Control. Air distribution systems have adopted low velocity, displacement philosophies for minimal visibility. Consideration of building pressurisation was also important in minimising intrusion of oil-based fumes entering the rest of the complex.

Mechanical systems in the Siloam wing include artwork critical systems: purge cooling systems and negative pressurisation of the heat and water intense Inferno; stratification layering and purge control for cloud formation in Paradiso; and controlled environment systems serving Solstice chamber.

Electrical systems were carefully integrated into the building fabric to reduce their visual impact yet maintain flexibility required in gallery spaces. Lighting was carefully designed to accentuate architectural features and enhance the artworks.

Careful coordination allowed areas such as the thirty five metre long Middle Tunnel to have all services seamlessly hidden, ensuring all visitors are completely immersed by Chris Townend’s sound installation.

Fire alarm and detection systems included a mix of aspirating smoke detector pipework cast directly into the concrete ceilings and addressable smoke detectors.