Project Description

Single Hill Master Plan

JMG’s town planning and engineering services were engaged in 2006 to produce a subdivision proposal for Single Hill – a prominant landform  adjacent to Seven Mile Beach.

The first part of the project involved producing an ‘Options Study’ which assessed the strategic background of the site, reviewed the current site opportunities and constraints and present options for development.

The second part of the project involved producing a comprehensive masterplan for development on the site. The subdivision plan included 97 rural residential lots, 25 residential lots and a retirement village. The masterplan included a landscaping and open space plan, a servicing plan, a tracks and trails network, a bushfire management plan and a design code.

The third part of the project involved producing a detailed planning report in support of the proposed development and planning scheme amendment. This component of the project is lodged with Council, has commenced public advertisement and is expected to be determined in 2009 by the Resource Planning and Development Commission.

 Key Issues

Environmental Rehabilitation.

Grazing, eucalypt disease and pest species have degraded much of the land at Single Hill.

Future development of the site will include site revegetation in accordance with a detailed Landscape Plan.

Visual Impact.
JMG’s proposal was planned so that lots and building envelopes would be located in areas that would involve minimal visual impact.

The binding conditions of the Design Code and Landscape Plan aim to control the visual impact of future development at Single Hill through the use of appropriate materials, colours and screening. Detailed visual modelling was conducted that demonstrated that the proposal will protect the visual sensitivity of the site.

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