Richmond Maze

JMG were commissioned by A-MAZE-ING Group to revitalise the Richmond Maze site.

The project involves the demolition of the existing structures and construction of a new, multi-faceted tourism operation with generous parking facilities. The Maze will include a wooden maze, a hedge maze, restaurant facilities and function centre, and various eateries including a wine and whisky bar. The redevelopment will also enhance the ecological value of the existing watercourse through the site.

Our role included preparation of all planning, structural and civil aspects of the development. We have successfully gained planning and detailed design approvals for the project.

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On Christmas Eve 2015, a serious fire devastated the landmark Reliquaire building in Latrobe. With a real sense of déjà vu (JMG also attended the 2007 Myer building fire in Hobart), JMG were requested by Latrobe Council to attend site urgently to provide structural advice during the final fire efforts and demolition processes. Rob Brunning attended the site on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day along with the Fire Incident Team and provided advice that would allow not only a safe demolition, but early access to the fire investigators. These situations are full of urgency and demonstrate JMG’s ability to respond quickly and make quick decisions under pressure.

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UTAS Sandy Bay Campus

The UTAS Sandy Bay Campus is undergoing a lifecycle transformation of its thermal systems. The original district heating system was 50 years old and showing its age, with reliability and efficiency shortcomings.

JMG’s team of engineers conducted cost/benefit and feasibility studies to determine the optimum heating and cooling systems to suit the operations of the campus for the next 30 years.

A decentralised, hybrid heating/cooling system using high efficiency natural gas boilers, and a series of localised heat pumps will deliver flexible, efficient and nimble heating/cooling services to all departments on campus, from Law to Physics, from Engineering to Humanities.

Stage 1 upper campus works are complete, and Stage 2 lower campus works are set to take place in the coming summer vacation window to avoid disruption to student studies.

By April 2016 we expect the entire campus to be online with flexible and efficient thermal services.

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