The Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) is an internationally recognised art museum near Hobart. The museum houses over 1900 artistic works, ancient, modern and contemporary, from a private collection. The central themes of the museum are sex and death and has been described by its owner as ” a subversive adult Disneyland”.

MONA was built within the Moorilla Winery and is largely housed within the Berriedale Peninsula on which it stands. From the outside, it is a single story building that leads to a spiral staircase, which descends through three large display areas also used for public performances.

JMG has been very active with developments at MONA from the initial design and building of the museum to recent projects including –

  • Spectra, the light beams in the foreground of the photo which were used with the Dark Mofo festival
  • Pharos, the triangular extension to the building, access to which is through a light tunnel, also holds a restaurant and meeting area, as well as art works
  • In the right of the photo is the exhibition built to the design approved by James Tyrell, an internationally recognised designer of light installations.