Project Description

Sugarloaf Road Residential Master Plan

This project saw JMG prepare a Master Plan for 247 residential lots, an aged care facility, retirement village and public open space. The Master Plan provides a structure to guide the infill of land between the existing suburban areas of Risdon Vale and Geilston Bay.

In developing the Master Plan, JMG reviewed the indicators of population growth, demand for residential land and demographic change in the area as well as the existing services and infrastructure. This, combined with analysis of the site’s environmental conditions, formed the basis from which the Master Plan was developed.

In the design of the Master Plan, JMG’s civil engineers provided input with regards to required infrastructure upgrades as well as principles of water sensitive urban design.

JMG’s Environmental Management section also provided input in planning a required major water pipeline route.

Once the Master Plan was complete, JMG applied for both the development permits and planning scheme amendments required to implement the Master Plan. The Tasmanian Planning Commission approved the application in December 2011.

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